Indian Rosewood & Padauk Turkish Oud
25 ribs bowl _ 585mm String Scala _ C#F#Bead
Picea Abies Soundboard _ Cocobolo Rosettes
Madagascar Ebony Fingerboard _ Indian Rosewood Pegs
" Brazil -  Zaro (Brazilian Lebanese Musician/Composer)
The Oud you made for me is a pure work of art;
is something sublime, elegant, sensual, sweet and powerful.
It can seduce us like the soft and sweet voice of a beautiful Brazilian woman,
or amaze us like the roar of a wild animal.

Bulent, for me you are one of the greatest oud master maker of our time.
This instrument will be with me for generations!

Thank you, Shukran, teşekkürler my dear friend!
Zaro "
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