Wellcome to my workshop.
Oud is only one fretless instrument in the musical instruments family except Bowed family.
Oud gives an unique freedom to players, the fretless fingerboard allows players to
perform more than 50 different maqams/modes with microtones on such a short fingerboard.
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I started making ouds as an apprentice since 1982.
All my ouds are personally handcrafted, from start to finish, by myself. I do not use any
readymade components like bowls, rosettes, inlay, etc. I also do not use Laser or CNC
to cut material throughout the entire construction phase of my oud.

All instrument wood has been naturally air dried and the assembling phase of my ouds are
conducted in an environment that is between 45-50% relative humidity. All materials are
natural and I use only hide glue for the joints.

The method of oud construction is distinct in comparison to other instruments.
Fretless fingerboard is a disadvantage for an instrument. For that, every component of the
instrument - soundboard, fingerboard, bowl and even the pegbox contributes to the overall
tonal quality of the instrument.
Oud  Repair and Maintenance - Turkish
My Ouds have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
If the original owner is dissatisfied, I will repair or replace the oud as is appropriate.
Neglect, accident and exposure to extremes of temperature or humidity are not
covered by the warranty.
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